Wedding photo editing

How much do you value your big day?

Edited the worst ever wedding photos!
Neilson  & Son were a god-send.
very easy to work with.
I would highly recommend this company!

Amazing service!
Couldn't have asked for a better company.
Very efficient & helpful.
I would highly recommend!

Neilson and Son offer you a great wedding photo editing service!
We know how important your big day is, and we know it has to be perfect!
Photo's like these need to be absolutely spot on, however, we all know that life is not like that.
Any mistakes on the big day can now be rectified!
We can be relied upon to be your wedding photo editor. Just check out some examples below, and check out our reviews. Neilson and son offer you quality, satisfaction guaranteed, and at a great price as well! Why go anywhere else for your wedding photo editing? Get a quote now!

Unfortunately, mistakes happen. It is part of life. However, there are things that you can accept, and things that you cant. How do you feel when you look at your wedding album? I bet there are at least one or two pictures that contain something that you are not happy about?
If that is the case, why not contact Neilson and Son and use our wedding photo editing service?  We could make your day!  Again!

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The Bride contacted us to ask if the Vicar
and the boy could be removed
We did this and adjusted the colour &
tone leaving the Bride with her perfect
memory of her big day.
A happy family wedding day snap.
But the Bride requested someone
to be removed.
See if you can spot which one.
After seemless background
blending you wouldn't know they were there!
Karina contacted us to be her
wedding photo editor and rescue quite
a few images from her day.

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Address:  81 Varley road, Custom House,
London, E16 3NR, United Kingdom
We removed the guests head, and had
to 'rebuild' the Bride's back and part
of the groom.
A lovely photo, but the guests were
unknowingly 'photo bombing' in this pic.
we stepped in and removed the guests,
and seemlessly rebuilt the background.


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