Combine images, photo merge,image retouch

family photo needing image retouch and photo merge.
Combine photos!
At Neilson and Son, we can offer our high quality photo merging service. We can merge multiple images all into the same photo. Merging multiple images, can be wanted for reasons such as, replacing a head in an image. We can also combine multiple images to achieve the illusion of  seperate images belonging in the one photo. We can merge images to achieve the effects achieved in our examles below. Not every photo or set of photos is suitable for obtaining  a succesful merge of images, and a believable finished product. To combine multiple images, it depends on many factors. To merge images in the quickest time possible, and the cheapest cost, it is advantageous for the images to be of similar resolution and quality. We can of course combine multile images that do not meet this criteria, however the costs would increase as well as the time frame to produce the finished work. To merge images realistically, requires a lot of exerience and technical knowledge. At Neilson and Son, we have that. Why not ask us for a quote and give us a try, and let us show you exactly what we can achieve for you.

children can be a nightmare to photograph,
especially when there are 3!
family photo after photo editing with combining images

Happier children after editing
Another example of how photo
merging is great for kids group shots!
after combining images, family photo retouched


before skin retouching or image enhancement
after image enhancement, wrinkle removal and skin retouching
Girl merged in from another shot =
happy parent & happy customer!
combine mulle images
Pets,like children, are not respectors of the
after photo merge and image retouching
The above image was an interesting project, and one which highlights the usefulness to merge images, and the need to combine multiple images to capture an image that would otherwise be impossible. The image above, was achieved merging images from photos taken from different decades, of 3 generations wearing the same dress. The result, one very happy customer!
We merged another shot of this customers
dog to make it seem like it was looking to her
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