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Image re-touching

From blemishes, moles to skin smoothing. You will Look your best!


object  removal

Remove unwanted people from your treasured images.

photo merging

Add missing loved ones to your images. Great for special events like weddings.

background removal

Change the background to whatever you want!

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From skin enhancement, body re-shaping to removing unwanted objects, we can do it !
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Professional photo editing is a realm of possibilities, bringing an end to wasted, unwanted photographs and images. Image editing/ image enhancement can rectify most photographic  problems. From noise reduction, lens correction, sharpening/softening images, to colour and contrast enhancemnets. There are a lot of variables in the photo editors armoury. Photo retouching/editing is far too big a subject to go into detail on this site. For an in depth explanantion,   check out this page.

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