Remove a person , people or objects from photo

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Removing unwanted items
photo with crowd adding background distractions. We can remove these people from the photo
A meeting with a hero..
people and objects removed from photo
We took out the crowds behind
before photo retouching
distractions in the pic
person removed from photo, and distraction removed. retouched
person behind removed and arms
before remove object from photo
birthday memories
after people removed from photo
people removed from behind
wedding day rescue
after image retouching. people removed from background
traffic removed and front rebuilt
the horse jumped too soon
We moved the jump & added sky
At Neilson and Son, we get a lot of requests to remove a person from a photo or remove an object. It can vary from removing a person from the photo who is in the background, to removing people from a photo in a group shot.
We have all been there. That great photo, at a party or an event with a lot of people, where the focal point of the photgraphed subjects is detracted from by a person or people in the background. Wished you could remove the people from your photos? well we can do that for you.
As you probably saw if visiting through the home page, removing crowds of people from your photo can really capture that treasured memory. Amusement parks or museums can be virtually impossible places to get an unobstructed photo taken. But with our help, now you can!
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